advanced implants and instruments

We are committed to becoming a preferred partner for joint replacement through minimally invasive approaches, providing patients with soft tissue sparing and joint function recovery options with potential for a fast return to daily activities.

As well as midvastus and subvastus approaches to knee replacement, Medacta is a well-recognized leader in minimally invasive hip surgery with the AMIS (Anterior Minimally Invasive Surgery) approach.

The only approach that follows both an intermuscular and internervous path, protecting and preserving periarticular structures including muscles, tendons, vessel and nerves, offering the greatest potential for fast recovery from surgery. This approach delivers significantly shortened rehabilitation, decreased post-operative pain, shorter hospitalization, decreased blood loss, immediate post-operative muscle tone preservation, reduced risk of dislocation.

And a fast recovery from surgery offers proven benefits both for the patient, with quick return to an active lifestyle, and economic benefits for the hospital.


advanced implants and instruments

A true passion for improving the wellbeing and care of patients, and tackling the increasing economic and medical challenges faced by the healthcare sector today.

With a unique portfolio of innovative and effective joint replacement implants, we are able to achieve high patient expectations and satisfaction as well as delivering maximum functional stability; our unique portfolio includes AMIS friendly dedicated hip implants, an innovative Medially Stabilized Knee prosthesis (GMK Sphere) and a comprehensive Partial Knee System.

The combination of dedicated MIS instrumentation, 3D-printed patient-specific solutions (MyKnee, MyHip) and a complete single-use instrumentation system (GMK Efficiency), provides additional benefits to patients, surgeons, healthcare professionals and hospital administrators: delivering simplified, accurate and reproducible implant placement, reduced blood loss, reduced surgical steps and surgery time, optimized logistics and instrument management, and economic benefits.


advanced implants and instruments

With the M.O.R.E. Institute, surgeons and their multidisciplinary teams
are never alone when discovering new technologies & procedures.

The M.O.R.E. Institute (Medacta Orthopaedic Research and Education) aims to deliver high quality and continuous medical education to surgeons and multidisciplinary teams (coordinating nurses, anaesthesiologists, physiotherapists and hospital managers).

An extensive network of experts in ERAS (Enhanced Recovery After Surgery) support the surgeon identify and tailor the optimized patient pathway to their preferences and the needs of the patient.

We are committed to delivering extensive education to support safe and effective adoption of a surgical technique, implants and instruments. We also offer optimized protocols for clinical, organizational and logistical aspects to broaden the perspective to include, not only the surgery itself, but the entire patient care experience. We offer optimized protocols for patient education, team coordination, admissions, anesthesia, pain management, patient mobilization, discharge, rehabilitation.

Through the POP education programme, the M.O.R.E. Institute offers a variety of opportunities ranging from Reference Centre visits, round table discussions, product clubs, live surgeries and personalised meetings on specific themes.


advanced implants and instruments

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advanced implants and instruments

Patient interface

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This application is not intended to provide medical advice or diagnosis; it is not intended to replace a medical consultation.

POP is an easy-to-use interactive tool that can support healthcare professionals in the delivery of patient education, information, preparation, rehabilitation, follow-up and monitoring, before, during and after surgery.
Furthermore, it can enable better management of patient expectations, increase patient compliance and improve the overall patient care experience.

Patient interface

A mobile app for pro-active patient involvement and engagement accessible for patients, their family and friends.

Medical team interface

From your decision-to-treat to post-operative recovery, stay in close connection with your patients, track their progress and manage their expectations.

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